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The Waterside Collection: "Treasure Found"

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The Waterside Collection: "Treasure Found"
The Waterside Collection: "Treasure Found"
The Waterside Collection: "Treasure Found" 9x12
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“Treasure!” My youngest daughter particularly loves to find treasures in nature; a rock, a shell, a twig of an interesting shape. This painting reminds me of her excitement whenever she comes across some amazing little thing on the ground. This piece also reminds me of my own childhood, and the feeling I got when a mysterious object came into my path. Found keys, a coin, a piece of fabric would build an entire story of mystery (usually with some fascinating & heart-breaking criminal activity involved) in my overactive imagination.

The layers of color, sunshine, shadows, shades and textures build the rich skin tones, sky and trees in this piece. The impact this painting offers can be felt from across the room — frame it simply or elaborately, there is no need for glass.

May this painting bring that sense of imagination, wonder and expectancy of newfound treasure into your home and life every day.

Created as a part of The Waterside Collection that came from my year-long quest to gain portability in my art practice and delve into nature.

An original acrylic & oil painting. Natural & non-toxic pigment on flat, un-stretched cotton canvas (9x12). This original is ready to gift or frame, packaged with protective cellophane & card board that may be used as a backing with an open frame of your choice. There is no need for glass, which may obstruct the view of the beautifully textured brush strokes that are only present in the original painting.