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Honey Hilliard, Artist

From Dancing Cranes with patina backgrounds to crowned creatures from the Bejeweled Forest to sugar skulls and iconic pop subjects, Honey Hilliard's paintings serve as powerful visual reminders to power up and live a joyful, colorful, rich life. Honey's art changes lives. Both Boys Town and The Audubon Society have received the generosity of her vibrant personality and bold artwork. Honey began prolifically creating art in early childhood when she could barely hold a pencil, sketching wildlife and butterflies and painting rocks to give family members. Right after college she painted birds and wildlife for the state of Florida's conservation efforts, and continues to use her art as a vehicle for wildlife protection, with portions of proceeds donated for that purpose. Her prolific professional portfolio includes medical sketches, portraiture and a collection of French paintings completed during a 2013 summer in France. Her work has become increasingly expressive, with an emphasis now on "Art with Intention", paintings specifically created to POWER UP the people with POSITIVITY! We all want to change the world, and Honey's art actually does. At this pivotal point in her career, her digital brand is catapulting to expand to global reaches. Stay tuned!

Featured collection

Ceramic Ornaments featuring originals by Honey Hilliard are so perfect for a Christmas tree or to hang all year round. This collection features insect paintings with vivid paint brush strokes. 

"I've always loved how insects are beautiful and mysterious, like flying, crawling little pieces of living jewelry, gifts from Mother Nature."

  • Crafted from high quality ceramic material
  • Ribbon for hanging included
  • 3 inches
  • High resolution Dye Sublimation Print