New Botanical Notecards!


  • Q: How can I own a Honey Original?
  • A: Inquire at 850.321.3232 or to receive a list of available original paintings or commission an original.
  • Q: I saw a Honey Original I love, but it's already sold. What to do?
  • A: Commission a similar painting of your own!
  • Q: I really love a particular painting, except it is too big/small for my home/office. What if a painting I want won't fit my space?
  • A: Commission a similar style painting in the dimensions you desire. 
  • Q: What if I love a painting but am not sure if it will work in my space?
  • A: In many cases, a loan can be arranged and you may "try out" the painting for one week with no obligation to purchase.
  • Q: Does Honey do portraits?
  • A: Yes! Call/text 850.321.3232 to discuss size, style, timeline.
  • Q: How do commissions work?
  • A: First, we discuss size, style, budget and timeline, then start with a deposit of half the total to get started. Commissions take 1-6 weeks depending on schedule and complexity of the piece, and the client gets to preview the work and provide input. Then, upon completion, the final payment is made and the painting is shipped or delivered with the upmost care!
  • Q: What if I love a particular original but it's out of my budget? 
  • A: If you bond with a piece, make an offer. Another option is to check out some of Honey's limited edition canvas prints, which are at a lower price point. Of course originals are best (here is an article I love on that subject), though hand embellished reproductions are a great alternative.