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Branding your business must include GREAT (not just good) design. My lifelong background of visual art has lead me to be a natural branding specialist. At my studio, our understanding of color, typography, content and visual communication are why we LOVE to build brands and watch them grow. Whether you offer a service or sell a product, you are offering an EXPERIENCE that must be concisely conveyed in every element of your branding. My team and I make sure your brand has consistency, credibility, clarity and ultimately communicates the experience your customers want (and want to pay for.) 

I currently accept a very limited amount of clients per year. Our upmost priorities are: top quality design, client communication and relationships, because this allows us to deliver branding that leads to solid success for my clients. Reach out to inquire about current availability. 

Scroll down to see just a few examples of our internationally successful clients' designs. Some of our exceptional branding materials include custom logo designs, character development, wildlife and medical illustrations, photography and consultation... all things branding!

A few favorite custom designed logos from Honey's studio

Speaker Sheets and Photo Shoots of our world-renowned clients

Product development, booklet design and illustration for ArmScarvz, by Honey