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The Waterside Collection: "Newly Betrothed"

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The Waterside Collection: "Newly Betrothed"
The Waterside Collection: "Newly Betrothed"
The Waterside Collection: "Newly Betrothed"
The Waterside Collection: "Newly Betrothed" 9x12
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My daughter, who was a baby just yesterday and now is somehow 24 and engaged to a spectacular soon-to-be son-in-law, is the subject in this painting; glowing with love and excitement for the future. One of the couple's favorite spots is the Wacissa River, which embodies a magnificent and unbelievably ice cold spring. Minutes before, and after this moment was captured, my daughter lured me to plunge into the freezing water. Recognizing a bit of role-reversal I flashed back to the ritual I taught her from birth until present: "You can't go to a body of water without baptizing yourself. That means going ALL the way under, like a mermaid!" 

The layers of color, sunshine, shadows, shades and textures celebrate Florida's Wacissa River in this piece. This painting brings an impactful piece of the outdoors into the space where it hangs — frame it simply or elaborately, there is no need for glass.

May "Newly Betrothed" bring you the hopeful, sweet glow of young love and the refreshment of an ice-cold spring on a hot summer day.

Created as a part of The Waterside Collection that came from my year-long quest to gain portability in my art practice and delve into nature.

An original acrylic & oil painting. Natural & non-toxic pigment on flat, un-stretched cotton canvas (9x12). This original is ready to gift or frame, packaged with protective cellophane & card board that may be used as a backing with an open frame of your choice. There is no need for glass, which may obstruct the view of the beautifully textured brush strokes that are only present in the original painting.