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The Waterside Collection: "Lake Hall"

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The Waterside Collection: "Lake Hall"
The Waterside Collection: "Lake Hall"
The Waterside Collection: "Lake Hall" 11x14 $250

Lake Hall - Usually this landscape is dotted with people, kids, moms, dads, grandparents, friends, escaping Florida's heat. This painting captures just the land, water and breeze itself. Heavily inspired by Van Gogh's brush stroke style, listening to Vincent & Theo audiobook while painting this, I think my brush strokes have entered a new realm. I heard that scholars now have proven that Van Gogh's brush strokes match the wind patterns precisely. I've always tried to see & paint what can't be seen in photos, so this concept of painting air currents makes total sense to me, and I think it shows in this painting's whimsical clouds, water and sky. 

Let the brush strokes bring the lake-fresh breezes of tranquil Lake Hall into your space!

Created as a part of The Waterside Collection that came from my year-long quest to gain portability in my art practice and delve into nature.

An original acrylic & oil painting. Natural & non-toxic pigment on stretched cotton canvas, 11x14, ready to hang as-is or you could add a frame of your own, no glass needed.