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May, Bright and Bold

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May, Bright and Bold
May, Bright and Bold

This painting is part of "Peaceful Plants", a collection which represents a break through in my art practice. I have yearned to create with ease and flow, and finally hit a new stride in that direction with these works. I hope you feel the peace, lightness, simplicity, confidence and clarity when you look at these paintings as I did when creating them. The vibrance and life in these leaves, fronds, stems and roots are recognizable to anyone who has walked this Earth, with all of her luscious generous offerings that grow from her symphonic soil.

No matter how large or small our dwelling or workspace, ALL rooms have room for plants. Peaceful plants cleanse the air and lighten our hearts, responding to us and reciprocating benevolence. (I believe) plants, and art, bring us joy and serve as reminders of the gift of life.

"May, Bright and Bold"

This painting is 18"x24"

Acrylic, vinyl paint, and charcoal on thick 140 lb watercolor paper
Signed, titled on the back and wrapped in clear cellophane, packaged with foam core to protect from bending