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Yoga Girls


Created from a paint-poured background, Jade began with the medium's "mind of it's own". When the poured, swirling pigments emerged and the effect had fully dried, I was tickled with the outcome, and absolutely delighted to create the tumbling female subject  in this piece. She was inspired by 1960's John Rawlings photography. It took much experimentation to achieve the beautiful marbled background from pouring several pigments together for a swirly, jade-like background, a perfect compliment for the semi abstract subject, glowing in pink, yellow and ivory tones. I hope the joy of movement is apparent in this piece.

An original acrylic and oil painting, natural (and non-toxic) pigment, matte mediums on 5x7 canvas board.

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Most importantly, thank you for appreciating my work. Creating this art is an ongoing answer to a calling I have felt since even before my earliest memories. Sending my art to collectors all over the world is my deepest heart-felt honor and joy.

xo ~ Honey