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The Waterside Collection: "Down by the Riverside"

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The Waterside Collection: "Down by the Riverside"
The Waterside Collection: "Down by the Riverside"
The Waterside Collection: " Down by the Riverside" 9x12
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“Down by the Riverside”is a peaceful moment and a flowing sweetness emanating through the water and the people enjoying it.

The peaceful mood brings a calming bit of nature to the viewer which can be felt in any space it hangs — acrylic and oil on flat cotton canvas, hang it simply or elaborately, Glass is not required.

"Down by the Riverside" richly textured layers of nature-inspired hues convey the peaceful flowing energy that only a river can exude.

Created as a part of The Waterside Collection that came from my year-long quest to gain portability in my art practice and delve into nature.

An original acrylic & oil painting. Natural & non-toxic pigment on flat, un-stretched cotton canvas (9x12). This original is ready to gift or frame, packaged with protective cellophane & card board that may be used as a backing with an open frame of your choice.