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The Waterside Collection: "Happy Day at 30A"

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The Waterside Collection: "Happy Day at 30A"
The Waterside Collection: "Happy Day at 30A"
The Waterside Collection: "Happy Day at 30A"
The Waterside Collection: "Happy Day at 30A" 8x10
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“Happy Day at 30A” is just that - the first full sparkly day of spring break, the endless ocean view with layers of color and texture that build the rich waves, sand & sky. The namesake 30A comes from the actual local road in South Walton County, known as County Road 30A, where the beach towns sit, spanning about 20 miles along the Florida coastline. What Makes 30A So Special you may ask? According to Southern Living, it's "Florida's best-kept secret. 30A is like nowhere else in the world, with its combination of picture-perfect white sand beaches and aqua blue Gulf, coastal forests and coastal dune lakes, state parks, festivals and events that attract visitors from across the country… and, of course, its unique Southern charm."

This painting makes a huge joyful impact from across the room— acrylic and oil on flat cotton canvas, hang it simply or elaborately, Glass is not required.

May it bring endless joy and sparks of brightness to you and your home.

Created as a part of The Waterside Collection that came from my year-long quest to gain portability in my art practice and delve into nature.

An original acrylic & oil painting. Natural & non-toxic pigment on stretched cotton canvas (8x10)