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Yoga Girls


Created from a paint-poured background, Hydrangea began with the medium itself, which seemed to flow into a subtle hint of a form that I nurtured into a recognizable female figure inspired by 1960's photography by John Rawlings. After many experiments, I finally achieved the beautiful marbled background by pouring several pigments together for a swirly, jade-like background, a perfect compliment for the semi-abstract subject, glowing in pink, yellow, and ivory tones.

An original acrylic and oil painting, natural (and non-toxic) pigment, matte mediums on 5x7 canvas board.

To purchase, add to cart and proceed with free shipping. Your art will arrive carefully package and beautifully wrapped, with a special message and an "about the artist" certificate of authenticity. 

Most importantly, thank you for appreciating my work. Creating this art is an ongoing answer to a calling I have felt since even before my earliest memories. Sending my art to collectors all over the world is my deepest heart-felt honor and joy.

xo ~ Honey