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Art & Abundance

Six-Week "Art & Abundance" Program, offered by The Honey Hive, where creatives THRIVE. "Art & Abundance" is for creatives who wish to catapult their creative endeavor(s) into fruition take it to the next level, and finally get it done, whatever your "it" is.

Honey Hiver‘s in the Art and Abundance program receive:

• A hardcopy & video copy of “The Science of Getting Rich for Creatives”, by Wallace T. Waddles with narration and prompts by Honey, (suggested 15 minutes per day during the 6 week program)

• Six 30-minute strategy sessions with me, one per week. These will include discussion of action steps to take weekly to accomplish your creative goals (and will also include enlightenment, epiphanies, and transformation.)

• An on boarding box with a Honey Hive journal, door hanger declaring "busy" or "welcome" to emphasize the FOCUS needed to accomplish creative feats & a key chain stating "Because I Said So" to remind you that this CAN be done and you WILL accomplish your goals, and to ward off the naysayers that always seem to come along when you let your guard down.

• List of places to get press for your art or creative practice, whatever your medium.

• Lesson on branding, flat lay photography, how to easily create professional DIY graphics.

• A list of printers, studio office essentials list with suggested items and methods to run a studio or creative office smoothly, a Canva lesson plus live Q&A on how to create beautiful professional graphics

• Video demonstrations of landscapes, bird paintings, pet portraits, as well as meditative abstract painting, and demos for setting up your studio, cleaning brushes & making your own wet palette for an acrylic palette that lasts for weeks - this is a game changer for saving your carefully mixed shades and not wasting paint.