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Pink House Pop-Up 4/25 & 4/27

Honey Hilliard


As the Pink House Pop-up event approaches, I find myself reflecting on how I first met Sally, the mastermind behind this event, and her family, the Bruners. The Bruner clan includes the couple Gretchen and James, their six children, five spouses, 3 grandchildren, and two more on the way. Each member of this family is truly spectacular.

My initial connection to the Bruners began with Gretchen Bruner, whose daughter became best friends with mine in fourth grade. I often dropped off my daughter, Autumn, at their house or vice versa for various gatherings. During those early days, I vividly remember being invited into the Bruner’s home while dropping Autumn off for a birthday party. I sat at the bar and chatted with Gretchen while she and her husband, James, prepared soup and snacks. Meanwhile, James led a parade of fourth graders marching around the house in and out of rooms.

Living far from my own family, I always felt a yearning for that sense of familial connection. The Bruner household, with its warm embrace, felt like home from the moment I walked in. I could have sat on that barstool talking to Gretchen, who became an instant friend, for hours. She felt almost like a sister or cousin, despite our recent meeting.

It was around 15 years ago that one of the Bruners either purchased or commissioned a piece of my artwork. The details are a bit fuzzy, but this marked the beginning of a relationship that has included large-scale commissions and various art pieces collected over the years. One of the most memorable moments was when Sally Bruner, now Sally Höjer, commissioned a piece as a wedding present for a dear friend of hers. Since Sally was in Kennebunkport that summer, a place I had heard much about but had never been, I jumped at the chance to visit & decided to deliver the artwork in person. Kennebunkport & the Bruner family exceeded my expectations.

I’ve always felt a deep appreciation and fascination for Sally. She’s now married with two beautiful babies and living just a few blocks from my Midtown studio in Tallahassee. Sally is a warm, intelligent soul with a beauty and depth that shines through in her music, art, and culinary skills. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing her play the piano, and it’s clear that she has a Renaissance-like genius that effortlessly flows into her cooking and musical abilities. At potlucks and gatherings, where snacks abound, it’s always Sally’s dishes that everyone raves about and asks for the recipe.

When Faith invited me to be a featured artist for an event organized by her sister Sally, I immediately said yes, without knowing the details. This event, this "Paladar", is a one-weekend-only affair, taking place this Thursday 4/25 and Saturday 4/27 at a home in Midtown Tallahassee’s Levy Park. You can read more about it here and book a table if there are any left.

When I dropped off the paintings at the Pink House, Sally’s friend Katie had just flown in from Kennebunkport & was helping her set up the cutest little bistro tables with striped tablecloths from India. They were infusing a gin concoction while roasting beets in the oven, creating the most delicious aroma and energy throughout the home. Upon reading the phrase on the website, “Come be nourished,” I knew this event would be truly special. I also knew exactly which pieces of art belonged there. You can read more about the event here and see the pieces I chose to exhibit: Cypress Dreams, Sky Valley Waterfall, and Sand & Sea.

Sky Valley Waterfall” captures the mesmerizing splendor of  a waterfall in Sky Valley, Georgia. The painting invites viewers to be transported & immerse themselves in the enchanting, cascading water, lush vegetation & sparkling shadows of this magical place.




Cypress Dreams” portrays a serenity embraced by the calmness of nature and the ancient tranquility of Cypress trees in the beauty of a dreamlike moment.


 Sand and Sea”, invites the viewer to share a peaceful moment on the beach, an embrace of the sandy shore under a soft, sunlit sky. 


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