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A Book in Bed

Honey Hilliard Art

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A Book in Bed
A Book in Bed

A Book in Bed

This figure painting was created in France while I worked and studied at an artist retreat center, La Bonne Et Toile. I was elated to have a live model for the first time since college. This original painting was created while I was studying with the amazing pastel painter, Margaret Dyer. The beautiful medium of pastel had always fascinated me. During my time in France, I had access to the best and most varied collection of pastels from all over the world. The rich layers of pigments in the pastels from France still astound me.

An original pastel painting, 15x23 inches, natural (and non-toxic) pastels on very thick, archival rough pastel paper. This painting is matted with and bright turquoise mat in a simple black wood frame. The framed piece measures 20x28 inches.

This piece was built with sumptuous pastel pigments, layer by layer, until a glowing, ethereal image emerged — rich and complex,  radiating classic ambiance that could only have been created in France. The glow of her skin & the pom-poms on the blanket are some of my favorite moments in this piece.

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Most importantly, thank you for appreciating my work. Creating this art is an ongoing answer to a calling I have felt since even before my earliest memories. Sending my art to collectors all over the world is a heart felt honor and joy. 

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