The OCEANS mini prints are HERE, in a VERY limited edition of 4.25 x 6" prints! Each comes with a surprise collectible Artist Trading Card

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DELIGHT ~ Mini Print, 4.25 x 6"

Honey Hilliard Art

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DELIGHT ~ Mini Print, 4.25 x 6"
DELIGHT ~ Mini Print, 4.25 x 6"
OCEANS prints are HERE! Printed on archival paper of a velvety, luscious, smooth finish, each OCEANS print is signed by Honey, delivered or shipped in protective cellophane with silk sari ribbon tied up in a bow, along with an "About the Artist" card and a complimentary tiny print of one of the OCEANS paintings. (Tiny prints are about the size of a baseball trading card, and which one you receive will be a surprise!) There are nine designs, chosen from the OCEANS 2020 original paintings by Honey. Pick a fave or get the whole set for $100.

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