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Teal Horizon, 5x7

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Teal Horizon, 5x7
Teal Horizon, 5x7

"Teal Horizon", the third painting of my Love Letter to the Coast, was painted at Alligator Point, where there is an amazingly beautiful array of plants, vines and flowers. On the third day of our stay, during an afternoon storm, I sat on the screened porch with the few tubes of acrylics and my oil pastels and painted the horizon as a storm began to brew, scratching marks into layers with seashells. I hope you feel the moody, mysterious magic I felt when you look at this painting. The original is 5x7 on canvas board, framed in a beautiful bright white board floating frame (frame included).

Note: I'm kind of in love with this one. Something about its simplicity and glowing gentle waves makes me want to keep it. Don't worry, if you desire to own the original (of course there is only one), you are totally welcome to buy it, unless of course someone (maybe me) beats you to it.

ALSO available now is a 16x20 canvas PRINT of this 'Scape, ready to ship. The giclée canvas print has a .25" border to fit a standard frame, no need for glass.